Saturday, September 29, 2007

A piece of my mind - Reprise

Alright... the whole "reprise" thing is getting slightly out of hand but to lay my own blogging demons to rest, I figured it was time to add finishing touches to a post I had added a long time ago. My gripe is not with the writer of the article "The truth about earning in dollars". Why, its not even about how mellifluously describes the contrasting mind-sets of NRI's versus Immigrants. My "I welcome constructive criticism" threshold is tested by the following sentence which I've quoted from her article. For those of you interested, here's the link once again, and the section in question is titled "Hope floats". To quote what she's written here: "The real appeal of 'foreign' lies for those who graduate from the second and third rung institutes. Job mil jayega but not one with fast enough growth or large enough goodies. "

Exactly what is she trying to insinuate by that statement ? That graduates who're either unlucky enough not to graduate from Ivy league institutions or don't have enough brain-power are the ones that end up seeking greener pastures abroad ? I disagree; vehemently that too. Need she be reminded, that several of these so-called IITians and IIM graduates, have also chosen to go abroad, in the interest of furthering their quest for academic knowledge and career enhancements? They have made foreign shores their home... I dare her to ask just how many of these in their current state of affairs would like to return to India ? Words like "I miss mum's home-made this and that" wax nostalgia, sentiment and all the gooey cheesy emotion that one gets to feed on in abundance in bollywood and hollywood movies alike. Sorry, neither are they good excuses, nor do they justify their defending themselves from being labelled "hypocrites".

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